Pollution is hazardous to entire living beings

Pollution is hazardous to entire living beings | Harmful chemical substances cause pollution

PollutionPollution is defined as the mixing of harmful chemical substances and gases into the surrounding environment which includes air, water and Earth. Pollution of the environment causes inconvenience to the life of living beings and brings unnecessary climatic changes. These unnecessary natural changes in the course of environment affect the life process on the Earth. They bring various differences with in the internal life process system. Pollution of the water, air and Earth is increasing day by day due to the generation of harmful wastes. Generation of the wastes depend on the acceleration of usage of natural resources. The more the usage of natural resources, the more is the generation of harmful wastes.

Pollution is of different types. Air pollution, Water pollution, Earth pollution, Sound pollution and Light pollution etc are the various types of pollutions affecting the environment. Now pollution became the major problem to the entire life on the Earth.

All the nations are striving hard to eradicate pollution. Pollution can be avoided by following pollution control measures individually. This avoids pollution to a major extent.

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