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Jai OM 18 | - Part 55

How the Satellites Formed?

How the Satellites Formed? Assume that there is a large sand cloud in the space and in that there is the star sand are collapsing due to the gravitational force of the air in the space.  In this stage they come closer to each other, the product capacity in this area is increased at the […]

How to Count of Black Holes?

How to Count of Black Holes? It is well known that the earth had the gravitational force. One cannot reach the space if unless travelled with the speed of 9.8Km per second. If the earth is been made into a small tiny sand particle using a wonder power, then the gravitational force there will be […]

How can we get free planetarium in the System?

How can we get free planetarium in the System? | Stellarium installation can create a virtual planetarium in the PC/desktop Just by installing a software called Stellarium, one can have a feeling that as if they are travelling in the space where there are the stars and the planets. The options are been arranged using […]