Octopus Catches Food With Tentacles

Octopus Catches Food With Tentacles | Suckers Help Octopus To Taste Food

OctopusSea contains different varieties of living creatures in water, Octopus is one of it. These cannot live in pure water and can live only in salt water. That is why we cannot find these in rivers.

Shape of Octopus body is very abnormal. The upper part of the body contains Head, Stomach, Mouth and relating to this lower part contains eight long organs that look like arms spreading to all sides. By using these long arms (tentacles) it will catch the food and put it in its mouth. The arms of an octopus have two rows of suckers, extending their entire length. Suckers help octopus to taste the food even by hands.

Based on the type of octopus, the length of arms varies from some inches to some feet. In Octopus, the largest one is the Giant Pacific Octopus. This octopus can be found in British Columbia region. It is approximately 300kgs weight and each tentacle is of 33 feet long. If Octopus finds any danger from the enemies it will spray some kind of liquid on it and escapes from there temporarily. Suppose if any enemy catches octopus arm, as lizard cuts it tail on its own similarly octopus escapes from there by cutting its arm. After 7 to 8 weeks new arm will come in the previous place. Head like part is having stomach and there are three hearts for octopus and this is another specialty of octopus.

What Is The Composition Of Air?

What Is The Composition Of Air?

Air is not visible for human eyes. Air mainly consists of Oxygen. The air breathed by humans contains   five parts of oxygen, three parts of nitrogen.  Air also consists of 1% of inert gas named Argon which is used generally in fluorescent lamps. Air consists of very mild quantity of Neon, Methane and Helium. But now the environmental balance is damaged. The pollution of air has been increased enormously by smoke released from vehicles. Thus care is needed for the preservation of pollution.

Do Comets have Water in Them?

Do Comets have Water in Them?

CometsThe researches on comets have been intensified in recent days. The comets belonging to the family of sun are revolving in the space under the gravitational force of Sun. Millions of comets are revolving in the space out of which only few come nearer to earth. Comet appears to our eyes only if it comes to a distance of 18 crore and 60 lakh mile km near earth. Scientists have proved in recent researches that comets may contain water in liquid state. Scientists of Arizona University have drawn this conclusion after analyzing the samples of comet named ‘Wild-2’ which were collected by the space ship Stardust of NASA. Comets get formed with combination of few minerals and ice. Scientists so far believed that ice cannot be melted on comets but the samples of Wild-2 comet contained some melted minerals in water. Thus they made a statement that comets may contain some amount of water in liquid state on them.

Javan Rhinoceros and Clouded Leopard

Javan Rhinoceros and Clouded Leopard | Javan Rhino and Clouded Leopard are Endangered Species

It is difficult to know where the animals are in the forest. That is why, the biologists arrange secret cameras in the forests. These cameras are arranged in the bushes and trees branches and take the photos and videos when any animal passes that way. By arranging this kind of secret cameras in the Indonesia forests, existence of two animals was known to the world. These two animals are very rare animals.  One is leopard and the other is Rhinoceros.

Javan Rhino is in danger of extinction

Javan RhinoDo you the animal which is in danger among all the animals which live on earth…? It is this rhinoceros.    Total number of these rhinoceros does not exceed 40 on the earth. The name of this rhinoceros is Javan Rhino. These Rhinos which are often seen in Asia and in other countries are 10 feet long and grows to a height of around five to six feet. These weigh around 2300 kilos. Among all the Rhinoceros species, Javan rhino is the shortest one. In some   countries, the horns of these rhinos are used in   medicines. In the black market the value of these horns will be around one lakh per kilo. That is why this is in the danger of extinction now.

The qualities of Javan rhino are very different. It spends most of the time being alone. It creates a border for the area it moves by spraying urine and with dung piles. Interestingly, this rhino twists the bushes and plants in order to prevent other animals from entering into its territory.   fruits and leaves are its food. The rhino is ready to face any danger. Javan Rhino lives for around 30 to 45 years of age.

Clouded leopard

Clouded leopardClouded leopard which was not seen by anybody is now caught by the camera. The name of this leopard is Clouded Leopard. It got that name because it is having an irregular cloud like spots on its body. These can live even at seven thousand feet high from the sea level. Though clouded leopards are ten times small when compared to tigers their teeth are in similar size of the tiger’s teeth. The tail is also very big which around three feet long is. With the help of that tail and nails the leopard climbs the trees very swiftly. Besides this the leopard also knows how to get down the trees upside down. The weight of the leopard will be in between 15 to 24 kilos. As the number of these leopards is very less, they have joined in the list of the animals that are endangered.

Why Is The Circle Divided Into 360 Degrees Specifically?

Why Is The Circle Divided Into 360 Degrees Specifically?

CircleBabylonians were using the sexagesimal system about 3000 years ago as we are using the decimal system now. All the respective numbers must be divided with 6 in this system. Thus year was divided into 360 days, day into 24 hours, hour into 60 minutes, minute into 60 seconds, month into 30 days and year into 12 months. Tarots were divided into 12 which are also divisible by 6.

As per Babylonians, earth and zodiac was revolving in a circular axis for 360 days. Thus circle was divided into 360 degrees. Thus earth revolves about 1 degree in one day. 60X6=360 and thus each degree was divided into 60 minutes and each minute was divided into 60 seconds. Most of the parameters such as length, mass and etc were converted into the decimal system of calibration but parameters of time have not been converted yet from the sexagesimal system.

Is It Possible To Run A Car By Using Air As Fuel?

Is It Possible To Run A Car By Using Air As Fuel?

Generally vehicles run by converting chemical energy of fuels like petrol and diesel by using its internal combustion mechanism. But now alternative methods for running vehicles are getting preferred to prevent the increase of pollution in the environment. Thus air fueled vehicles have been designed for the same purpose of pollution prevention. Normal air gets filled with high pressure in the cylinders of this vehicle. Special kind of regulators gets fixed to the nozzles of this cylinder which are meant for releasing air with required pressure and speed. Turbines are arranged in a certain manner that they get rotated by the released air from cylinders. The wind power is getting converted into mechanical energy at this stage. The wheels of the vehicle get connected to these turbines and thus movement will be produced by rotation of turbines. This type of engines is called as Pneumatic Engine.

Brontemorus Mcintoshi Dinosaur

Brontomerus Mcintoshi Dinosaur | Brontomorus Mcintoshi Dinosaur Used To Kick Other Animals

Brontomerus Mcintoshi DinosaurA dinosaur that used to kick animals that attacked it, has been discovered. This dinosaur was named Brontemorus Mcintoshi. There is a nick name for this animal as Thunder Thighs dinosaur. It got that name just because of its huge bones in its thighs.

It is well known that the scientists conduct excavations for dinosaur fossils.   When digging at Utah in 1994,   two skeletons of huge dinosaur fossils were found. In the beginning nobody paid attention. In the year 2007, a scientists group that belonged to California, examined them. After three years of research, it is found that those two dinosaurs belonged to a new species. One skeleton was of the mother and the other was the child. It is estimated that Brontomerus Mcintoshi dinosaurs existed on earth before 11 crores of years. These weigh about six tons and their height was 46 feet. The dinosaurs were having a long neck and were vegetarians.

Though many species of dinosaurs were discovered in the past, this is the first time to discover about the dinosaurs which kicked other animals.  Scientists have come to conclusion that these dinosaurs were very strong by examining the arrangement of the bones in their thigh region. The scientists said that these dinosaurs used to kick other animals when other animals attacked them. The fight is just like the fight which is seen between the hens in the villages. Brontomerus Mcintoshi dinosaurs used to kick other animals with their legs. This dinosaur used to kick other animals till they died or ran away from that place. On the other hand these Brontemorus Mcintoshi dinosaurs were angry and irritated, said by the scientists.

Black Tea for Weight Management

Black Tea for Weight Management | Black Tea for Reduction of Fat in Human Beings

Black TeaDo you want to reduce your weight? Then you drink black tea without mixing milk. If you want to increase you weight then drink tea made with milk. We know that anti oxidants and Polyphenyl will be there in tea. These Anti oxidants and Polyphenyl mixtures will melt fat in human bodies and control the Cholesterol levels. In a latest research, it is declared that if we mix milk with tea, Anti oxidants will lose its melting character. Scientists of Tea Research Association, Assam in India found this matter. In this research it is declared that the obesity in rats is reduced, when the scientists gave Anti oxidants in tea to rats.  But, if we take tea mixed with milk Anti oxidants till make chemical process with milk. Doctor Devjith Borthakur, the Scientist who participated in this research said, if tea is mixed with milk the Anti oxidants will lose its fat melting character.

Best Watchdogs

Best Watchdogs | Types of Dogs which Protects Us

The By-name name of dog is faith. Dog will show that much of love, which we show on her. It will try to save us from others, who attack us even by losing her life. There are so many verities of dogs. We will know the powerful dogs which protects us and our houses.

BullmastiffBullmastiff: Bullmastiff was born for two dogs namely mastiff and bulldog. This dog is very stout and does not know fear. It will protect her owner and his family members from any danger. It is a very good dog in attitude. It will discharge night watching duty very effectively. This dog does not require any training. Bullmastiff protects children very carefully. This dog moves very freely with family members. But this dog is having more head temper.

German shepherdGerman shepherd: German shepherd is very close to us from long time. This dog shows more patience and obedience. Many persons are showing interest to adopt this dog as it is of good attitude. German shepherd is a dog which is more tall, strong and active and which will mingle with humans very easily.  It will also discharge police vigilance duty very effectively. It will play active role in tracing explosive items and criminals. That is why this dog is called as police dog. It learns anything which will tells to her. It is very easy to adopt her.

RottweilerRottweiler: Rottweiler has got special place in discharging security duties from Roman Emperor time. Rottweiler is very strong dog. This dog is having interest on games. Running and catching moving ball by running is also very interest for this dog. Rottweiler likes to stay with human beings. It will discharge security duties very actively. We have to give training to this dog, when it was a kid.

Doberman pinscherDoberman pinscher: Doberman pinscher is very good in discharging watching duties. From the past 100 years this dog has been doing these duties. It is very amicable to humans. Intelligence, power and strength are also very high for this dog. Doberman pinscher does not mix with new persons easily. This dog’s voice is very loud. Frequent training is necessary for this dog.

KomondorKomondor: Komondor is having one more name i.e. Hungarian Sheepdog. Komondor, which is having fur over her body, looks very beautiful. Though it looks slow it will be active. Self confidence and strength is also more for this dog. Komondor will discharge its duty very effectively, when any danger occurs. Komondor frequently suffers with some ill-health problems.

Birds Important For Pollination in Plants

Birds Important For Pollination in Plants | Birds Should Be Saved To Protect Environment

BirdsOnce upon a time one of the bird and a plant used to be very friendly. The bird used to be on the branch of the plant and shout. At the coming of that bird, the flowers of that plant used to bloom. Once the bird did not come to the plant and the flowers did not bloom. Here are the details of the bird and that plant

All the living beings on the earth depend on one another in the nature. Among them the relation of some of the beings will be very different. One cannot live if other is not alive. The scientists have found out the relation between some of the birds and plants which is very interesting.

It is well known fact that for the spreading of the plants and for flowers changing in to fruits honey bees and parrots are very helpful. If these small creatures are responsible for    pollination, plants provide honey to these insects. In the same way, even some of the birds and plants are depended on one another and it is proved in the research. For example, there are more number of flower plants which are seen in New Zealand and its surrounding areas.  Scientists have found that in some of the areas, these flowers are not blooming. The reason behind this is two birds which were found in that area were extinct.  These plants were blooming flowers which look like a thin, long pipe. Birds had beaks which were long and thin. Those birds used to take the honey by inserting their beak into the flowers. The flowers of that plant will bloom during the time when those birds take the honey from the flowers. During that time only the pollen touches the beak.  When the pollen falls on another plant, seeds develop. The two birds named the child bird and the stitch bird have disappeared due to some reasons. And with that the plant is in danger of extinction.

To prove this the scientists have made an experiment. They made arrangements to prevent birds from sitting on the plants. There was no seed development in plants where the birds did not come. So finally it is proved that if the birds are protected, then only the environment is protected.