Hwacheon Ice Fishing Festival

Hwacheon Ice Fishing Festival | Korean Government Organizing Ice Fishing Festival in January

Hwacheon Ice Fishing FestivalThe Hwacheon county of South Korea gets noisy with thousands of visitors in the month of January. A special carnival named Ice Fishing Festival takes place here every year. This is a small village having population around 65,000. The village remains peaceful all over the year with adjacent hillocks, and beautiful river and lakes around it. This village resides in between south and North Koreas and thus has been hosting cops due to the war between the two areas very often. Half the population of the village is cops.  Rest of the people is earning their livelihood by running bars, provisional stores and restaurants for the cops. The tourism department of Korea has started the Ice Fishing Festival 8 years ago to change the atmosphere and lives of the people in this village.

Hwacheon gets covered with ice completely in the month of January every year and layers of ice gets formed on the lakes and rivers near the village. Then residents of the village and visitors from other places also set up to Hwacheon with fishing rods and related equipment for fish hunt. The people catch fish that roam under ice layers, by making holes to the layer. Fishing competitions to catch fish of Sanchionio and Cherry salmon kinds gets conducted normally. These two kinds are considered to be the most valuable fishes all over the world. As making holes in the 12-16 feet dense ice layer is very difficult, tourism department of Korea is inviting visitors after making holes in the layers.

Hwacheon ice fishing festival is the biggest festival of such kind in the world and thus Korean government announces about fishing festival in the month of December of every year. This festival continues for three weeks during which more than 10 lakh visitors participate in the festival. Several stalls are also are arranged here to avail the visitors to have taste of the various dishes made with fish. Some other competitions like ice idol making, ice soccer, and ice hockey also gets held here. The place got highly reputed and thus visitors have to reserve their place for fishing at Hwacheon village.

What Is Meant By Hibernation?

What Is Meant By Hibernation?

HibernationRest is mandatory for generation of energy in the body and also for regeneration of strength in muscles. This process of regeneration is possible only through Sleep. Some kinds of birds and animals choose secret places for security during sleep. These creatures sleep for some years and this is called as Hibernation. Animals choose Hibernation to survive from severe cold, unbearable heat, floods and ice cyclones. This process of Hibernation is a spontaneous process and evolved by itself. The creatures require very low amount of food during hibernation. The changes in the physical condition of the respective creatures such as lowering of body temperature need of rest for nerves and muscles, and reduction of speed of heart beat occurs during hibernation. The animals set for hunting with enhanced energy immediately after waking up from Hibernation.

Torchlight / Same material used for the stars and planets stickers

Torchlight / Same material used for the stars and planets stickers

stars and planets stickersTorch lights are made of a special material these days in order to locate them even in the darkness too. These special torch lights appear with a kind of lighting in the darkness. There is a close chemical and physical relationship between the light and materials. Among them one is the phosphorescence characteristic. There are some materials that exhibit this characteristic. For example, the materials like Zinc Sulphide, Strontium Aluminate and so on are exited due to light. These materials will be in this exited stage for most of the time and comes to their normal state gradually. Even after stopping of getting the light, these materials continue to be in the exited stage. This is called as phosphorescence. Besides torchlight even the small stars kind objects which are sticked to the ceilings in the rooms are also made of this material. One can observe   the stars and planet stickers shining bright when lights go off. But after sometime, their brightness will decrease.

Sometimes Electricity Flow Gets Stopped Due To Malfunction Of Fuse. How Does It Happen?

Sometimes Electricity Flow Gets Stopped Due To Malfunction Of Fuse. How Does It Happen?

Electrical appliances like Refrigerator, Fridge, Air Conditioner, and Television have the probability of getting damaged due to high electrical flow through them. Fire accidents may also occur due to excess electric flow and thus devices named Fuse have been arranged to prevent these failures. These fuses are arranged at many spots in course of electric supply from the electric substation to house. The metal wire in the fuse gets melt if the electric supply gets excess than required and in turn resists the flow of electricity. These wires are normally made with a mix of few metals and thus have lower melting points. These get melted on receiving excess current flow through them. This melt in turn prevents fire accidents by restricting the flow of electricity. Some people use copper wires which has high melting point in fuses to prevent melting which is very dangerous.

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Why Is It Considered An Adventure To Reach North Pole And How Did Titanic Ship Got Drowned?

Why Is It Considered An Adventure To Reach North Pole And How Did Titanic Ship Got Drowned?

Titanic ShipA woman named Fran Phipps has reached the North Pole after travelling a long way on 5th April, 1971. She has proved that women can do anything they wanted to do. Entire world has applauded   her bravery and praised her whole heartedly. Reaching North Pole is filled with so many challenges and even has the risk of death.  There are chances of ships crashing by colliding with the icebergs.  Why is reaching North Pole considered a great adventure?

The upper half of the Earth is called as the Northern Hemisphere and the end point of the southern hemisphere on the upper side is called as the North Pole. Many groups of scientists and students visit the area surrounding the Green Land named country at the North Pole regularly. This place has a surface area of 8 lakh forty thousand square kilometers out of which an area of 6 lakh forty thousand square kilometers gets covered with ice always. The density of the ice layer is found up to 1 mile at some spots here. Small hill like things gets formed by breakage of ice layer due to increased weight of gathered ice on layers. These are called as icebergs. As per expectations of scientists, about 20,000 icebergs have been forming at North Pole every year. These icebergs sometimes are obstructing the sea channels for transportation. About 15 ships have been drowned in sea due to the obstruction of icebergs during the period from 1870-1890. The reputed Titanic ship was also drowned due to crash with an iceberg. The Titanic ship was started from South Hampton to New York and sank in the sea after crashing with an iceberg on 14th April, 1912.

Why People Celebrate 1st April as Fools Day?

Why People Celebrate 1st April as Fools Day?

1st AprilThe custom of making fools on 1st April is very popular all over the world. This is the only day on which making elders fools is permissible. Several reasons are considered to be cause for the initiation of April Fools custom.

  • April 1st was considered as the New Year’s Day in France and related countries earlier
  • Most of the regions of western world started considering Easter as the first day of New Year. But the day of Easter varies from time to time due to the movement of zodiac and thus it happened twice in a year few decades ago.
  • This difference in consideration of New Years day made difficulty for synchronizing schedules and deals between countries
  • This inconvenience forced France to follow the Roman calendar for official transactions and record filing
  • The introduction of Roman calendar started the custom of presenting gifts on 1st January behalf of New Year in the government and high financial sectors of people.
  • The King of France, Charles IX announced January 1st as the first day of New Year officially in the year of 1563.
  • Pope Gregory has modified the Roman calendar and made the calendar which we are using currently
  • People have not ignored earlier significance of 1st April even after declaring 1st January and thus some continued to wish their relatives about New Year on 1st April.
  • Some people used to wish New Year greetings on April 1st and then make them fools by telling ‘You are a fool, this is not 1st January’.

Reasons for Fever

Reasons for Fever | Fever Stimulates Resistance Power of the Body

FeverGenerally the temperature of the human body will be 37 degree centigrade which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is more than that, it is said that one got the fever. The temperature of the body will be increased when any germs or bacteria passes in the body of the human beings. This increase of the temperature is said to be one of the self protection methods. Getting fever is useful in protecting the body from various kinds of bacteria, viruses and many kinds of diseases. On the other hand, the fever is also responsible for the stimulation of resistance power in the body.

If any virus is entered into the body, the resistance cells increases the temperature of the body by releasing and sending the chemical signs to one of the special part of the mind. This development of the cells in the human body increases the metabolism, heart beat and respiratory system in the body. Due to that heat in the body, the bacteria which entered into the body is destroyed.

Three Winged Fans Better Than Four Winged Fans

Three Winged Fans Better Than Four Winged Fans | Power Consumption Is Less with 3 Winged Fans

Three Winged Fans There are even four winged fans besides three winged fans. But the three winged fans have more demand. There is a reason for this.

Fan pushes the air which is at the back to the front. In this way, the fan makes the air to spread in the complete room. That is why the wings of the fan are slightly bent. If the wings are not bent, the air will not blow properly. Even the air does not come down though it runs for a long time. The more number of wings in the fan the more air it will spread. But as the number of wings is increased for the fan, the weight of the fan is also increased. It becomes a burden for the motor in the fan to make the fan run swiftly. Which means the capacity in the fan to run will be decreased.   Many researches were done on wings of the fan. Finally the scientists have said that the three or the four winged fans works better and even the power consumption is also very less.

The three or the four winged fans can give a stable rotation system which is necessary for the fan to work constantly.  Users of three winged fans need to spend fewer amounts on power. That is why the three winged fans came into usage in the market when compared to the four winged fans.

What Will Happen If Hydrogen inside Sun runs out of Hydrogen?

sunWhat Will Happen If Hydrogen inside Sun runs out of Hydrogen?

The probability of destruction of mankind has been increasing continuously due to missile tests, people’s negligence towards environment, lack of water and trees. All the other planets of solar system gets depended on Sun. The heat of the Sun gets produced from Hydrogen which gets converted into helium and also light will be produced along with it. But if the hydrogen inside sun gets finished, the Sun will blast. All the nearby planets get destroyed if Sun blasts. This phenomenon of blast of Sun is expected to occur after 5000 million years from now.

Ear Wax

Ear Wax | Formation of Wax in Ear

Ear WaxThere are three important parts in the ear which receives sound. They are the outer ear, middle ear and the inner ear. By these three parts, the waves which are passed in the air are converted into the sound and are heard by the human beings.  At first, the sound which passed through the air waves reaches the outer ear and then touches the diaphragm of the middle ear and then converts into mechanical waves. These waves create vibrations in the three tiny bones which are in the shape of the chain located in the middle ear. These sound waves reach the cochlea which is there in the middle ear and reaches the mind in the form of   signals. There is a danger to have the dust and other particles to enter the outer ear during the process of passing the sound waves into the ear. In order to control that dust and pollution to enter the ear, special oil glands named   Sebaceous Glands produce oil like substance. That is the reason why the walls in the ear turn greasy. The dust and dust particles which stick to this substance are changed into wax after some days.