Majuli Island on Brahmaputra River

Majuli Island on Brahmaputra River | UNESCO Declared Majuli as World Heritage Site

Majuli IslandIn India there is an Island named ‘Majuli’ in Brahmaputra River.  It’s the biggest River Island in the world.  So many types of birds are traveling to this Island year long.

With the increase of population and with the increase of human necessities and with tsunamis Majuli Island is reducing itself.  This Island is sanctuary for different types of birds.  So we have to protect this Island.  To protect environment, we have to take care about this Island.  In 19th century this Island’s width was 1250 square km, but now it’s decreased to 650 square kilo meters. Recently UNESCO declared this Island as world heritage.

Minimize the Usage of Lifts

Minimize the Usage of Lifts | Climbing Steps without Using Lifts Is Good For Health

Lifts Now-a-days apartments are common in big cities.  It’s too difficult to climb steps.  So lift is necessary.  Just think how much the usage of lift, and how much the usage of electricity consumption in lifts is in these apartments per day.  By taking some precautions, we can reduce the usage of electricity in these lifts. Generally children play with these lifts to go up and down.  Some people use lifts to go to one and two stairs also.  Use lifts to go to three stairs only.  Maximum, walk through the steps without using lift.  This habit is good for health.  When entered in to lift, wait for others who want to get into the lift.  By doing this we can reduce the usage of lift twice.  Except old age people and sick people, others may cut down the usage of lift, so that we can save electricity and preserve environment.

Dinosaurs in Kings Amusements Park, America

Dinosaurs in Kings Amusements Park, America | 60 Dinosaurs Entertain Viewers at Kings Amusement Park

Dinosaurs in Kings Amusements Park, America One feels good to see the dinosaurs in the movies. One feels very excited if the real dinosaurs are wandering in front of us. In order to experience such excitement, one has to visit King Island Amusement Park in America. There one can find more than 60 dinosaurs in one place. On the other hand, those dinosaurs move fast from one place to the other in that Park. Though they are the toys, the dinosaurs are designed by arranging the machines into them and they work like robots. The dinosaurs which are made of the advanced technology as ‘Animatronics Dinosaurs’. The section where these dinosaurs are placed is called as Dinosaurs Alive. In this section, there are many issues which are known about the dinosaurs which are very interesting.

There are arranged a kind of forest in 12 acres of land in Kings Island Park.  Around 60 dinosaurs entertain people. Among those 60, four of them can be moved and operated by the viewers. These machine made dinosaurs appear as if the living and existed ones and entertain the people. Among these dinosaurs, one is 72 feet length and 30 feet height and with 12 feet breadth and makes the viewers feel excited. This dinosaur has created a history as one of the biggest one in the world and occupied a place in the record. This is the first time where the park is arranged with such dinosaurs moving from one place to another. By the moment, one enters the park, they get the feeling that they have gone back 20 crores of years back.

Kings Island is one of the famous amusement places. There are some of the amusement items like giant wheel, roller coasters like other 80 rides in the park which are arranged in 773 acres. This park is receiving the golden ticket award from nine years as one of the famous children’s amusement place. There comes around 30 laks of people every year to view this park.

What Is King Acid?

What Is King Acid?

Niels bohrOne needs to tell about the value of the gold. This is even called as the King of metals.  Gold has got this name not because of its glittering. It is because of lot many features which are not there in the other metals.  Air, water, sun, gold can’t show any effect on gold and the general acids can’t do anything to gold.  The gold dilutes only in king acid which is made with one part of nitric acid and four parts of hydrochloric acid.

The usage of king acid has happened very interestingly.  Niels bohr who belongs to Denmark is a winner of Noble prize.  During the time of Second World War, he left Copenhagen unexpectedly due to the attack of Germany.  At that time, he has to take the gold medals which belong to him and their employees secretly.    He put all those medals in a bottle which contains king acid in order to store them.   All those medals were diluted. Later when he came back, he separated the gold and made medals from it.

Jathropha Oil as Fuel

Jathropha Oil as Fuel | Jathropha Plant Cultivation May Pollute Environment

Jathropha OilThe scarcity of fuel is increasing day by day.  To solve this problem, now oil is being manufacturing from Jatropha beans and Soya beans which is used as fuel in vehicles.  But now forests are being cut down or agriculture lands are being used to grow these fuel plants. Because of this, for food people have to depend on other countries.  The pesticides and fertilizers which are used for Jatropha plants may pollute the environment. Need of fossil fuel for the process of taking out oil from Jatropha seeds is also more. In addition to all these reasons we have to think how much good is happening to the environment by these beans fuel.  It’s better to use oil as raw fuel from beans which are naturally grown up in forests.  So that environment will be prevented.



TRAINWe know the trains which are moving by using electricity or coal. But do you know about the trains which are moving by using fishes? This is very interesting. This is happened in Turkistan in Middle Asia in 1919.In Turkistan there is a deficiency of coal so the Railway employees searched for an alternative. Then they found that the fishes which are in Aral sea and they used dried fishes as fuel. They used 9000 tonnes of dried fishes as fuel to burn the boilers in that train engine. But after that this incident never happened.

Conservation Of Energy

Conservation Of Energy | Use Public Transport to Prevent Pollution and Usage of Energy

PollutionSome people while working in the kitchen leave television or tape recorder   on in the hall.  When they are in hall, the fan in the bed room keeps running.  Due to this reasons   lot of electricity is getting wasted.  So let us control this unnecessary wastage of electricity.

  • Use florescent bulbs which consume electricity.
  • Control the wastage of water.  If you are washing car or two-wheeler, then wash them in lawn. If you are washing your pet, wash in lawn so that there is no necessity to wet the lawn particularly.
  • Remember, if traffic is less then pollution and usage of petrol is less.
  • Use public transports.  If you are traveling lonely, then give lift to another person.  Use one vehicle if yours and yours friend offices are in the same route.  This is called “Pooling”.
  • Stop the engine when traffic signal is hold.
  • Use both sides of the paper to write.  Reuse the envelopes.
  • Use the recyclable papers for invitation cards, envelops and letter pads.
  • Use washable type in place of disposable napkins.
  • Switch-off the power of monitors and printers when work is over.
  • Use paper and Jute bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Use solar heat water, solar fencing and solar lights at home.
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Why Do Eyes of Cats Glow in the Dark?

Why Do Eyes of Cats Glow in the Dark?

Eyes of Cats GlowThe reason for the shining which is seen in the eyes of the cats during night times is the reflective later. The layer which is found at the back side of the retina of the cats is called as ‘Tapetum Lucidum’. This layer will make even very small light that is fallen in the eyes of the cats to reflect. The light which is formed due to the reflection from the eyes of the cat is appeared as shining during night times. Due to this layer only, the light that is absorbed by the cat will be more when compared to the other animals eyes during night times. That is the reason why, the cats can have a very good vision during the night times.



CALIFORNIUMIn chemistry  everyone can remember easily some elements like  Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen.  Scientists invented 118 elements, the  98th element was named as “Californium”. This was found by four scientists of California university. Which reflects the name of the state as well as university “California”.  So  the element was named as Californium.  Glenn Theodore Seaborg. (1912-1999) who was one of those four scientists won the Nobel prize in 1951 in chemistry.  In addition  the 106th element was named as Seaborgium in1994. This is the first time to assign a  name of a person who is alive.



BLUETOOTHIn the modern electronic media Bluetooth instruments are very useful to send information as well as commands from one instrument to another without any wires and cables between them. This process was established in 1996 by Ericson Company.  Before this to get a printout from a printer through different computers in an office we have to connect those computers through wire. But now without using any connecting wires the Bluetooth performing the work by releasing and observing the radio wires.