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Jai OM 18 | - Part 10

Pitohui Is the Most Poisonous Bird on Earth

Pitohui Is the Most Poisonous Bird on Earth | New Guineans Call Pitohui as Garbage Bird Birds have been domesticated by humans both as pets and for practical purposes. Colorful birds, such as parrots and mynas, are bred in captivity or kept as pets. But there are species of birds that are harmful not only […]

How Do We Prepare Photographic Films?

How Do We Prepare Photographic Films? As we all know that for taking a photo and making a movie we use photographic film. In a camera box the vital component is the film. Initially it was a type of paper. Chemical emulsion is then applied on it. When the silver compound emulsion on photographic film […]

Interesting Facts About Phosphorous

Interesting Facts About Phosphorous In Greek language phosphorous means rising star. A German scientist named Henning brand is the first person to discover it. In the process of searching a philosopher stone that would change any metal into gold, Brand has boiled approx 50 buckets of human urine. As a result world has come to […]

Does Pendulum oscillations change ?

Does Pendulum oscillations change ? Students observe the old wall clocks with interest. Some students count the oscillations in a pendulum for entertainment. But in summer season the pendulum in the wall clock will move slowly. People who observe the pendulum daily can observe the change .Let us know why it happens. A pendulum swings […]

What are Old Growth Forests?

What are Old Growth Forests?   We all know that forests are necessary to preserve environment.  But there is some specialty to old growth forests when compared to normal forests. Old Growth forests are those which have not undergone unnatural changes since a couple of centuries.   Old growth forests (150-500 yrs) mean forest which […]

What is Abel award?

What is Abel award? Nobel Prize is given to great scientists who discovered new things.  But these awards are given to the scientist who works in limited fields.  Nobel Prize is not given to any mathematician.  Therefore in Norway, Norwegian Academy of science and letters presents Abel award for Mathematicians every year.  America’s maths brilliant […]

What Happens if We Touch the Nettle?

What Happens if We Touch the Nettle? Most of us heard about nettle or stinging nettle. We can see this nettle in fields in village and in the routes of forests.  If we touch the leaves of these nettles we get high rashes and itching sensation on the skin.  Let us know how it’s happening.  […]

Earthquakes and tsunamis since 1900

Earthquakes and tsunamis since 1900 | Date-wise list of massive natural disasters since 1900 Here is the list of massive earthquakes and tsunamis occurred since 1900 on earth   January 31, 1906:- In Ecuador, Colombia an earthquake occurred that was recorded as 8.8 on Richter scale.  Thousand people died. September 1, 1923:- There was an […]

Majuli Island on Brahmaputra River

Majuli Island on Brahmaputra River | UNESCO Declared Majuli as World Heritage Site In India there is an Island named ‘Majuli’ in Brahmaputra River.  It’s the biggest River Island in the world.  So many types of birds are traveling to this Island year long.   With the increase of population and with the increase of […]

Minimize the Usage of Lifts

Minimize the Usage of Lifts | Climbing Steps without Using Lifts Is Good For Health Now-a-days apartments are common in big cities.  It’s too difficult to climb steps.  So lift is necessary.  Just think how much the usage of lift, and how much the usage of electricity consumption in lifts is in these apartments per […]