Ozone Layer Protects Earth from UV Rays

Ozone Layer Protects Earth from UV Rays | CFC Released In Atmosphere Destroys Ozone Layer

Ozone LayerUltra Violet rays emerge from the sun.  It is dangerous if these rays touch the earth directly.   Ozone layer is protecting the earth from UV rays.  This ozone layer is protecting life on earth from UV rays. This ozone layer is being destroyed because of unlimited pollution which is evolving by human being.  World atmosphere organization mentioned that in Arctic area this ozone layer is depleted dangerously. Cars, planes, refrigerator, A.C.systems and industries, which release poisonous gases like Chloro Fluoro Carbons, make ozone layer weak.  Once chloro fluoro carbons are released in atmosphere, then its life time is high.  It takes decades to decrease the density of this C.F.C.  It’s necessary to protect ozone layer from pollution and poisonous gases.

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