Nano Solar Energy

Nano Solar Energy | Solar Devices That Can Be Folded and Spread

Nano Solar EnergyScientists have invented many devices which work using the solar energy. These things not only decrease the dependency on fossil fuels but also do not cause environmental pollution like petrol, coal.

But there are few drawbacks with the devices absorbing the solar energy. It is expensive to accumulate and store the solar energy. Moreover solar devices are larger in size. They occupy more space. Also they are delicate.

A corporate organization named Nano Solar Incorporated of California in America had come forward to make solar devices that overcome the drawback of space problem. It had made a thin layered plate and cells which absorb the solar energy embedded into the layer. This device can be folded and spread like a mat. And it absorbs solar energy effectively.

These innovative inventions not only serve the requirements of fuels but also helpful to the environmental protection.

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