Under the Mango tree

Under the Mango tree | Under the Mango Tree encourages the farmers to reduce use of chemicals

Mango treeFarmers in India used to do agriculture in non chemical process till 1950. But at that time there was drought for food. Due to green revolution in 1950, the deficiency of food was controlled by   cultivating more crops.

From 1950 there are more changes happened in cultivation. There are so many chemicals being used to double the crop and to destroy the pests. Due to these chemicals, the health of humans, earth and environment are getting damaged.

‘Under the Mango tree’ organization is encouraging the farmers to produce crops in non chemical process. They are helping the farmers in selling the crop at good price by getting them the certificate from an international organization.

Such encouragement to farmers will influence them to do cultivation without using chemicals and environment and the health of people will be benefited.

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