Majuli Island on Brahmaputra River

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Posted on: May 15, 2011

Majuli Island on Brahmaputra River | UNESCO Declared Majuli as World Heritage Site

Majuli IslandIn India there is an Island named ‘Majuli’ in Brahmaputra River.  It’s the biggest River Island in the world.  So many types of birds are traveling to this Island year long.

With the increase of population and with the increase of human necessities and with tsunamis Majuli Island is reducing itself.  This Island is sanctuary for different types of birds.  So we have to protect this Island.  To protect environment, we have to take care about this Island.  In 19th century this Island’s width was 1250 square km, but now it’s decreased to 650 square kilo meters. Recently UNESCO declared this Island as world heritage.

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