Light Rays Travel In Straight Lines

Light Rays Travel In Straight Lines | Light Ray Travels With A Velocity of 3,00,000 Kilometers per Second

Light RaysLight ray is a straight line showing the path of light. Actually we are not seeing the light ray. It is light beam that is visible to us. Light beam is a mixture of light rays. We are able to see the light beam coming directly into our eyes. That means light energy in the light beam reaches our eyes. Light ray is an electromagnetic wave which can travel in vacuum. Light rays travel in straight line with a velocity of 3,00,000 kilometers per second. They travel in straight line until they are obstructed or  distracted from their path. During night time, when torch light is kept in vertical direction towards sky, then we cannot see the other end of light which travels with such high velocity. Similarly we cannot see the ending portion of light ray even if torch light is switched off. Reason for this is the travelling of light energy with high velocity.

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