Largest Under Sea Museum In The World

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Posted on: April 14, 2011

Largest Under Sea Museum In The World |Sea Museum At Cancun Coast Of Caribbean Sea

Sea Museum At Cancun Coast Of Caribbean SeaThe under sea museum is opened recently which is situated at Cancun coast of Caribbean Sea in Mexico. The visitors should dive into water wearing oxygen cylinders like scooba divers or should sit in the submarine like machines to take a glance at this museum.

The museum consists of human statues in various poses and resembles a drowned city. A sculptor named Jonson Taylor has designed this museum. The materials used for the manufacture of the statues are eco friendly which makes it unique. The statues were made with 12 tons of special cement, 400kgs of Silicon and 3,800kgs of glass fiber. All these statues were placed on a strong basement made of 12 tons of cement in order to stand against waves and storms. The total expenditure for the construction of this museum is about Rs. 15crores.

These statues reflect various civilizations from ancient Mexican Maya to the modern world of today. This museum is at a depth of 26 feet from the surface of the sea which can be seen clearly from a boat on the surface due to the crystal clear water there. A total of 7, 50,000 visitors take a glance at this museum per a year. The museum is going to be expanded soon by adding some more statues to it.

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