Kingdom of dwarves

Kingdom of Dwarves | Kingdom of Dwarves is a theme park in Yunnan province, China

Kingdom of dwarvesIf a dwarf actor comes on screen in a movie people will laugh a lot. If hundreds of dwarves are present at one place, and if they have a separate village, the houses and buildings also in the size of them, it looks funnier. There is a dwarf’s kingdom in China.  They wear peculiar dresses, sing, play and dance and make people laugh a lot.

This is not a real dwarf’s kingdom. Everybody is aware of the theme parks with giant wheels, merry-go-round and roller coasters. The park that is there in Yunnan Province called kingdom of dwarves is also a park like that. Dwarf means little people. One person had built this village meant only for the dwarves. All the houses in this are convenient to dwar0ves. Tickets are to be taken for entry and daily thousands of visitors are coming to visit this place.

It was built a year back and nearly $ 115 million were spent and in Indian currency it is Rs.575 crores was spent.  In this nearly 100 dwarfs will give two programs daily. In fact these people will live near to this park outside, but at the time of program they come inside and act as if they are staying there. The entry fee is Rs.530.

Any dwarf can stay in this kingdom, but they must be Chinese and aged between 18 to 50 years and height should not be more than 4 feet 3 inches. This park not only is giving job opportunities to several people, but also giving good earnings to the developer.

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