King Crabs Live In Coastal Areas of Antarctica

King Crabs Live In Coastal Areas of Antarctica | Global Warming Made Life Possible In Cold Regions Like Antarctica

King CrabsIn the low level coastal areas of Antarctica, recently some thousands of red crabs called King Crabs were seen. Scientists were surprised by seeing them. They could not believe how the crabs could make up their living in such cold climate of Antarctica. Generally crabs could not live in such cold temperatures. They live in temperature zones and sea shores in general.

Scientists have revealed that it was due to the Global Warming, Earth and all the oceans and seas got heated up. And thus the crabs have also become able to live even in the cold regions of Antarctica.

These drastic changes in the natural resources of living beings affect the life of living beings and show adverse effect on ecological balance. Actually these small things like living of crabs in Antarctica act as signal for indicating greater changes. These signals indicate the necessity of being cautious. But even if people do not learn lessons at least from these signals, then environment protection remains as a dream only.

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