Jathropha Oil as Fuel

Jathropha Oil as Fuel | Jathropha Plant Cultivation May Pollute Environment

Jathropha OilThe scarcity of fuel is increasing day by day.  To solve this problem, now oil is being manufacturing from Jatropha beans and Soya beans which is used as fuel in vehicles.  But now forests are being cut down or agriculture lands are being used to grow these fuel plants. Because of this, for food people have to depend on other countries.  The pesticides and fertilizers which are used for Jatropha plants may pollute the environment. Need of fossil fuel for the process of taking out oil from Jatropha seeds is also more. In addition to all these reasons we have to think how much good is happening to the environment by these beans fuel.  It’s better to use oil as raw fuel from beans which are naturally grown up in forests.  So that environment will be prevented.

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