Zero was invented by Indians

Zero was invented by Indians | Earlier human beings felt the need of numbers for counting number of animals or farmers for knowing the seasons etc

ZeroCalculating is the basic need for the man. That’s why he had learnt additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. These are the four main arithmetic operations. It was proven that Arabs had invented digits 1, 2, 3…. and 0 (zero) was invented by Indians.

Science of numbers is nothing but arithmetic. It deals with study of symbols and the methods of using them in numbers. Actually arithmetic was not invented by anyone. Man has developed it gradually according to his requirements. Initially there was no need of numbers as the early man could say that he could earn sufficient fruits showing the fruits or could say that he lost his weapon showing other’s weapon.

Gradually, need for numbers and their names had come. Need for numbers and counting has come to the care taker of cows to check whether all the cows are there in the herd or not. Thus need for counting has come.

Need has come to the farmers to know about the seasons.  So numbers and names were developed to know the proper timings. Those are the whole numbers and natural numbers still being used now.

Later need for more than one digit numbers has come. Then man has developed multiplications. After a long time, different types of digits came into existence. For example negative 2 is a new digit.

Designing negative number is a difficult concept. It is easy to know that subtracting 5 from 7 gives result 2. But is it possible to subtract 7 from 5? Greeks have declared that it is not possible. That means till 1500 B.C. people did not know that there are numbers less than zero. For example if we have subtracted 7 from 5, we get the result as negative number ‘-2’.

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