Hyoid Bone

Hyoid Bone | Hyoid Bone Helpful In Talking

Hyoid BoneMost of the people know that there will be 206 bones in human body.  But most of them do not know about the hyoid bone. All the bones in the body have relation with one or the other. But one bone that does not have any relation with any other bone is hyoid bone. It is in the shape of U and this will be under the tongue. With no support from the other bones, it sustains with the support of the muscles that are in the neck. This not only holds the weight of tongue, but also helps in talking. In fact the process of human talking is also developed due to this hyoid bone. Scientists are stating that these hyoid bones might be formed in ‘hominids’ (human clone belongs to this family) family before three lakh of years and without this hyoid bone the development of human talking might have not happened.

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