How was Homeopathy discovered? | Who has discovered the principle of homeopathy and how?

How discovered Homeopathy ? | Who has discovered the principle of homeopathy and how?

Hahnemann Hahnemann belongs to Germany and took degree in medicine. He had also learnt many other languages and worked as translator in the medical field. While translating, he read that the cinchona plant had worked better for the malaria and any other plant similar to cinchona did not work. So injected the cinchona into his body and continued the research. He also found that the healthy person gets fever and malaria symptoms when they get the cinchona injected. He also found that when cinchona was injected, the disease reduced and the person was recovering from the symptoms. He had said that the same medicine is responsible for the reducing the disease when used in less quantity and when used in more quantity, it increases the disease. He led this principle to Homeopathy and in 1810, he wrote a book named organ of medicine. In 1821, he wrote a book called Materia Medicapura in which he explained about 64 medicinal herbs.

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