How to use the mobile phone at its best? | Mobile Tricks

How to use the mobile phone at its best? | Mobile Tricks

Ovi-Store Mobile has become the important thing in these days and we may get bored by seeing the same settings everyday. So for those people, here are the tricks to create own themes, ring tones etc.

S N A P T U tool:

S N A P T U tool is required for the person having a mobile with net in it. This is a user friendly application and contains different applications. The face book updates can be viewed and twitter account can be accessed. The cricket score, picasa album can be accessed and photos can viewed on finger tips. Other uses are searching photos, writing comments to others photos, reading news, blog reader. With the help of E S P N cricinfo we can view the cricket score. Weather conditions can be known. Visit www. for more details. And for Nokia users ovi store is special one. Games, audio files, videos and applications can be downloaded at

In case of emergency:

If there is no network in any area or areas like forests, remote areas etc, then if we dial 112 it will connect us to near by police station. This facility is available only when there is no network signal and it works in lock mode also. Every mobile consists of 15 digit I M E I number which can be known by dialing *#06#. This number is important when a mobile is stolen. If this number is provided to the service provider, the mobile can be stopped from using it.

Things to follow while using mobiles

Don’t change the battery due to charging or for other reasons and it is not good to switch off the mobile always. It is also not good to keep the charging until the low battery indication is given. It is better to use left ear while talking the call. One should not attend the call while charging, they should remove the charger and talk.

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