How to use the facility of speed dial in Firefox? |Firefox addon tips

How to use the facility of speed dial in Firefox? |Firefox addon tips

Speed-Dial Like in chrome browser if you want the facility of speed dial in the firefox, you should know about a special add on.

Nine in a line:

Speed dial add on is organized so that thumb nails are present on the homepage. It is enough to visit the website and click on the add to firefox option to install the add-on on the browser. By default there will be nine boxes and the sites can be saved in them. To do this we should go to the site and right click to select the edit option. Enter the address of the site in the textbox appeared in the location window and press ok. By doing this, the website appears in the box in the homepage and we can open it whenever we want by clicking on it. If we want to keep a picture in the box instead of the site’s homepage, then we need to check make image from option and browse the picture you want. To extend the speed dial box, we need to right click on the empty place and select edit group option. Then we need to select the rows and columns. To get the new sites in speed dial box, we should right click on the add group option and select.

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