How to turn right-click options into more useful ones? | Right click tweaks and tips

How to turn right-click options into more useful ones? | Right click tweaks and tips

Combining of folders:

Name: Filemenu tools

FileMenu-ToolsThis tool manages the files and folders in then system. After installing this and right clicking, we get extra options. By using synchronize folder option, we can combine the two folders at different locations with same name. By using copy to and move to options, we can move the files into folders. Copy content option is used to copy the content in the file without opening it. To copy the path, copy path option is used. Using split file option, we can split the file into parts. For details:

Opens anything:

Name: open with.Org

We open the files copied from net or CDs by right clicking and selecting the open with option. We select the software to be used to open the file. With the help of open software, we need to just right click and select it. It automatically selects the software to be used accordingly. We can download it from

Easy way:

Name: folder guide

It is an easy way to open then the files in the folders. Install the folder guide tool and then add them to folder guide by selecting the option add to folder guide in the right click menu. So you can open the file by just right click only. To change the settings in folder guide, right click and go to settings. For details:

Close immediately:

Name: process manager

When ever our system hangs, we close the unwanted files by using windows task manager. By using process manager, we can do this with the help of right click only. By right clicking on the opened application, we get options like kill, minimize to tray, hide etc. for example when system is hanged and internet explorer is opened, then right click on it and select kill option. This makes the file to close. For details:

Double click:

Name: clickzap

By clicking on the left mouse button, anything may open and by double clicking on right mouse button, we can close some tasks in seconds. We can lock the computer, log off, shut down and minimize. We can also mute the sound. For details:

Just by Moving:

Name: mouse wrangler

We know that by clicking on the mouse button, we can open anything. By clicking on the mouse right button and moving in certain directions, we can open the applications. After installing this, by right clicking on the icon in system tray we can edit the gestures. We should select edit gestures->new gestures. By selecting the arrows, we have to set the direction in which mouse should move to open the application. After selecting the direction, click on run file or program->browse to select the application to be opened. And now moving the mouse in the selected direction, the application opens. For details:


Name: right thumb

This tool helps us to create a thumbnail to a file. After downloading this tool extract it and run the rightthumb.exe file. Check the run in context menu option and then select the files you want and click on create thumbnail option. You can save the thumbnails in bmp, gif, Jpg and Png formats. For details:

Name: Ax Crypt

We just hide the important files and by using this tool, we can also set password to the files and encrypt them. After installation, right click on the file and go to ax crypt->encrypt. By entering the password in the window and clicking on ok. The file is encrypted. To access the file again we need to decrypt and enter the password. For details: www.

PDF maker:

Name; 7-PDF maker

It is very easy to convert the word, excel, PowerPoint in two steps. By installing this tool, we can just select the required file and then click on 7-PDFCreate. Then you can save the PDF file. For details :www.



To open a program, we can do it by going to start menu and click on run. Now this can be done just by right click if this tool is there. After installing, we need to open the runit in system tray and go to setup runit->add to add the programs. Next by selecting the options, we need to set the top, left, right or bottom screens to access the runit applications. By default it is top. For details:

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