How to take print of website page without ads, unwanted images and data?

How to take print of website page without ads, unwanted images and data? | Online webpage editing tool (GreenPrint) for paper saving and print with required data only

One can install software called GreenPrint for those who want take more number of printouts.  Using GreenPrint software, we can save the papers in turn save the environment because in order to manufacture a paper one has to pluck the trees.

We can install this GreenPrint software from the site by selecting the existed windows version in the system and click on Free Download option to install it.  Once the software was installed successfully, then they can take the printouts from the Browser or from the application software, it can access like how we access the normal print option.

For example, if one wants to take a printout of the required pages from the particular site that was opened in the browser then select the File option from the menu bar from where the file menu is opened and just select the Print option in that menu.   A window appears which contains an option called GreenPrinter.  Select GreenPrinter option and then click on the Print button.  All the pages from the browser will be opened in the GreenPrinter application.   Using this application, they can remove all the unwanted data and images and the take the printout of it.

One can see the various options like PDF, Page Options, Fit All, and Fit Page on the top of the GreenPrint Tool bar. If one, want to remove images, which are available in the page then select Remove Image option, which is available in the Page Tools.

For the removal of unwanted text, one can select an option called Remove Text.   To see all the pages that are available in the document then one has to select an option called Fit All.  In order to take the printouts of the document select the printer this is available to the lift side and then click on the print icon.

Using this application, we can create a PDF form of the required document by Click on the Print option that is available in the menu bar is an additional advantage.  Using an option called GreenPrint report one can know the number of pages saved using this application.

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