How to perform PC for the proper functioning of the system | 5 Best tips to function your system properly

How to perform PC for the proper functioning of the system | 5 Best tips to function your system properly

Perfect-UtilitiesThere will be some tasks to perform for the proper functioning of the system. Cleaning and organizing the hard disk, cleaning the registry, history, removing the shortcuts and duplicate files, managing the system files and many other tasks like these. Doing them individually is not a tough task but it consumes time. There is a solution for this – Perfect Utilities. System can be controlled in a full fledged way through the options classified into five categories.

1.Clean the system

There are three types in System Cleaners – Perfect Disk cleaner, Registry cleaner and History Cleaner. Many temporary files will be created when internet is used, applications are run, documents are created, emails are checked and even when the print command is given. All these temporary files are removed by disk cleaner. For this the disk cleaner can be used to select the disk, scan it and clean the same. Unnecessary stuff in the history and registry can also be removed in this method. While removing the history, the browser that is in use should be selected. It ensures safe browsing.

2.Optimize the drives

System Optimize can be used to optimize the cleaned hard disk. There are three types in it – Perfect Diskdefrag, Memory Optimizer, Shortcuts fixer, Duplicate File finder. Diskdefrag will organize the files in the drives while memory optimizer cleans the system memory and improves the speed. Shortcut fixer is useful in removing the shortcuts that are with no target files. Duplicate file finder will remove the duplicate files created in different drives.

3.Control the system

System control – controls the system activity. Perfect System Control, Start UP Cleaner, Auto Shutdown, BHO remover will control the OS in step wise manner. Windows settings are controlled by system. For instance, if you want to access anything in Control panel, it is enough to click control panel in the system control. To change the display properties, select the Display option and click on the ‘Run Control Panel Applet’. Auto shutdown can be used to shut down the system at a pre-described time. Password can also be arranged for it.

4.All tools at one place

System tools and registry tools are the one which act like wheels for operating the system. Process manager, Uninstall manager, system information, windows tools will be present in system tools. Process manager will look after the managing of applications that are running. It is like a task manager that comes when Ctrl + Alt + Del is pressed. The program that is hanged can be closed using this tool. Uninstall manager can do the task of Add/Remove programs of Windows. System information gives the details of windows, display, memory, performance, drives and others. Windows tools can be used to launch some special windows tools along with perfect utilities. With registry tools, details of registry can be taken back up and can be restored.

5.File tools

The best way to control the files of all the softwares in the system is File tools. Undelete can be used to recover the deleted files. They can be even removed permanently using File Shredder. File splitter can be used to split the files of more memory for saving them as pieces. Exe files in the windows can be protected with password using exe protector.

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