How to keep an eye on home remotely, and watch what is happening over there? | SPY CAMS without investment

How to keep an eye on home remotely, and watch what is happening over there? | SPY CAMS without investment

We can also setup spy cam with our computer without investment and if contains web cam. EYESPYFX, YAWCAM software tools are enough for this and it is easy. By installing this, we can see what our child is doing at home from office only. And we can view those people who enter the office when no one is there in this camera. When we go to a holiday, we can watch the office and home from more than one camera and with the help of laptop, modern mobile etc. it is enough to on the systems and now we can get rotating view cameras so that we can view whole room without moving head.


This software is created with easy interface and we can download from the site http:// We should click on the download my webcam broadcaster to download it on windows Xp, Vista, Mac operating systems. By clicking on click here to register your software option, we can register with email id. We get an email with secret pin number. If we are using XP, by clicking on mywebcam broadcaster 1.0.2 for windows 2000, XP, Vista we can download zip format set up file. While running the set up file, we need to enter the pin number and camera details. We can see the video streaming and if we need to set more than one camera, we should change the settings. We can set the password by clicking on camera settings-> password protection on/off. With the help of pin number and special code, we can view live video on the spy camera from our website and blogs. If it is not possible for us to view the video continuously, then can save the video streaming snapshots to image files. For this we need to click on camera settings->archive and set archive on/off option. So set the time with the option save and sync option. To run this my webcam broadcaster, we need to install dot net frame work 2.0. With my webcam phone application option, we can view live video on mobile. For downloads: http://

In order to know what is going on in office cabin during offline, we should have yawcam offline monitoring software. We should install this software from www. and click on yawcam_install.exe. We can identify some situations with the help of motion detection facility in the form of images. We can select the camera through settings and can obtain video streaming. We can see file, FTP, Http, stream, motion buttons on control panel. We can save the video streaming in system hard disk temporary directory by enabling the file. We can set the path by going to settings->edit->settings->output->file and browsing. We should enable the motion option in control panel for capturing the motion. To save the image, we should select FTP option. We can enter the FTP details by going to settings->edit settings->output->FTP. To run this we need java run time environment 6, direct X 9 and windows media player 9.

Eliminate batteries:

To install these, we should have computer, internet connection and web camera. If we are using inbuilt camera notebook or laptop, we should change battery settings. If we want to use spycam in the laptops, we should use power cable so we can increase battery life.