How to entertain the children who are below nine years? | makes kids more interesting

How to entertain the children who are below nine years? | makes kids more interesting

To make your children speck cutely in the internet by teaching the lessons there is a special online browser that is just like the nursery school and it is called as Kidyos.  It is one of the safest treasures for the children.  One can make their children learn many things just by logging into the site by creating an email id and a password.  The details are as follows:

Lot of Issues

The blog had put a condition that only the children who are below nine years of age can get the member ship in this site.  In order to sign in to this site one has to login www. Just by giving password and profile picture their appears may cute children jumping and enjoying in the browser.  The reason for this is the blog is created in such a way that it is full of videos and games that are full of cartoons   there are four man menus in the blog like Home, Videos, Games and Browse Library.  One can choose the language in the browse library and can watch the cartoons, bedtime, fairy tales, song and dance, animals, car and trains, educational and fun in the site in our own language.  For example if you choose the cartoons option their appears the videos and many more things based on cartoons.  If you select all the videos belonging to one section, a separate window is opened where each and every video can be watched in the full screen.

For games

In order to get the games click the games option in the menu bar this is at the top of the site.  There appear the sections like tiny games, Games world which are full of games and entertainment.  In order to get small games click on the tiny games option.  For example to play piano, click on the Virtual Piano option.  It is not only these features but one can browse the games by logging into the site.

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