How to download, access and use different free word processors?

How to download, access and use different free word processors?

Free word processors:

OpenOfficeWord, power point, excel are used for free in MS office with the help of open office. This is called as open source software suite. We can create database and graphics in this. The files created in open office can be opened in MS office and can be edited. Yeah write is also another word application. This is special for word processing and those who don’t know how to create office documents can use this. Address book, diary, email, etc can be created easily. Koffice also provides office applications and kword is one of it. We can create documents with the help of menu bar and tool bar. If you are using Mac install the bean, neooffice for free.

Small word processors:

Polyedit, itext for windows 3.5 are less memory word processors and can be installed easily. One is similar MS word and other is like Microsoft pad. We can create the documents fast in polyedit with the help of user friendly interface. Like open office, there is another package called oxygenoffice. This is created with templates, cliparts and fonts. This is a way to create full size document.

Three at a time:

Abiword can be installed in any OS and it is like MSword with many tool bars and menu bars. We can create documents with footnotes and end notes. We can the dictionary in 30 languages and adding the plug ins, we can increase its utility. SSuite office is another one and equation builder is its special feature. With this we can easily type the mathematics and chemistry equations. With the help of export document as option, we can export it into another format. By installing wordreader 5.3, we can open any word document. .DOCX, DOC,.Htm,.Html, .TXT, .RTF files can be opened easily.

Like word pad:

Jarte is similar to Microsoft word and it is formed by combining word and word pad. The special feature is to process the documents fast and we can open them with the help of tabs. We can access this using USB drive and RTF, DOC, DOCX files can be opened. We can export html and PDF format files. In order to do online word processing, we need to login into think free. We can create documents, spread sheets etc in this. We can also convert the files from one format to another easily and 1GB online storage is given. Google docs, zoho writer are like these only. We should login with user name and password and create documents. With the help of temporary diary, we can change the documents into different types.

First five:

To get five word processors for free, visit . In this, there are details of those softwares and download links.

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