How to convert the file formats of video files, so that they are compatible in all devices? | best 5 Video Converters softwares and tools

How to convert the file formats of video files, so that they are compatible in all devices? | best 5 Video Converters softwares and tools

Quick-Media-ConverterWe can view the videos in any gadget like mobile, ipod, computer etc. these all support different formats like flv, MP4, MPEG, AVI, 3GP, VOG etc. in order to convert the format of the video into the format supported by our device, we need to install video convertors.we can install this for free and convert any file into the required format.

Quick media converter:

Quick media converter is used to convert the video file in to any format. After downloading the zip file, we need to extract it and install it. In this software, there are flv, DVD, avi, VCD, 3gp, MP4 and quick time formats. We can drag and drop the files and we can also select them by clicking on the plus mark. We can change the resolution of the video and we should select the destination folder to save the file after converting. We can see the preview of the window in the player on the right side. They are also providing interfaces like easy, expert mode, webcam, cam studio and HD mode. For example, if our system contains webcam, we can select webcam mode and change the formats. We can change the interface with the my settings option.

Pazera video converter:

Pazera video converter is created with user friendly interface. When we download the zip file and extract it to install, we get tube buttons about and converters. This contains Flash video, mobile phone, Microsoft zone converter, apple ipod converter, audio extractor. For example if we want to convert any video file into 3GP format, then we should go to mobile converters and select video->3GP/3g2 option. A window appears with menu bar and tab windows, then we should click on add files option and upload videos. We can select the out directory, output format, audio settings and change the settings.

In seconds:

With less number of options, they have created any video converter. After installing, it opens with menu bar and tool bar in a small window. We should select the video by clicking on add video option and select output folder, output format. Next we should click on convert option. By selecting the you tube option, with the help of URL link we can change the format. We can view the video in the player on right side and with clipping video option, we can cut the video. We can view the Google videos easily and we can take the snapshots of the videos.

Winx video converter:

Winx video converter is the shortest way of converting a format and 130 video formats are there in this. We can take snapshots from original videos and we can separate the music from video and make it as a MP3 file. With the help of add, we can upload the files and with the to Avi, Mpeg, we can change the format. We can change video quality, video frame rate, audio channel and volumes.

Chick video convertor:

If we want to convert fast with start time and end time, we need to have chick video converter. We should browse the input file and select the output format. We should click on advanced options and set the video bit rate, frame rate, audio bit rate.

Prism video converter:

Prism video converter software is the multi format video converter. We can change the format of 100 files at a time with the help of batch video converter. This supports all the formats and using Add DVD, we can change the data in DVD. With the help of Add file option and add folder options, we can change single file and all files a t a time respectively. With the help of preview, we can view the video and it supports Mac versions also.

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