How to boost up the net speed?

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Posted on: June 11, 2010

How to boost up the net speed?

net-speedUsage of internet is growing day by day. Users from cities and even villages are surfing the net extensively and are downloading the music, videos and movies. In this scenario, let us know the ways to increase the speed of internet…..

These are internet managers…..

There are some managers available for increasing the net speed. Download speed can be increased by installing them. Internet Download Manger tool can improve the download speed by five times. Downloads can be managed with simple interface. A new tool bar, menu bar appears when it is opened. All the details of the download like file size, status, transfer rate, time left and others can be known in table form.

Those who make more downloads from the net can install and use download accelerator.

Free download manager is the open source community software. It not along accelerates the download speed but also makes the download of YouTube and Google videos simpler. Video can also be converted to different forms. Files can be shared with others by uploading.

Internet speed can be increased by using the tools like Internet Cyclone 2.01, Active Speed and Internet Speed Booster also.

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