How the Touch screen ground can be used to play games, music and more

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Posted on: June 10, 2010

How the Touch screen ground can be used to play games, music and more

multitoeLatest technology succeeds in making Touch screen ground
Floor of the house can be turned to touch screen to play games, music and more

Flooring in the house is also going to be turned into touch screen ones.  In the future, ipod menu may be seen on floor while walking; it may play when the favorite track is stepped upon; video games may be played multitoe-1by jumping and typing may also be done by legs!

We have seen mobile touch screen, PC, laptop, table computer touch screens. Did you ever think of giving input by turning the floor of the house into touch screen? Did you ever think of playing games using the floor as gaming controller? And did you think of typing with the legs? This is all imagined and made it possible by the scientists of Germany. After doing many experiments and trials, they were successful in turning the floor in to touch screen. It is Multi-toe project. Let us know more about this novel technology…

Music and games can be played on this touch screen

If square shaped multi toe glass tiles are used in the place of normal tiles in you house, then it will be turned to touch screen. Multi toe tile models are made with 0.5 mm silicon, 8 mm arsenic tiles. It is designed like multi touch table technology and it easily recognizes the walk on it. For this, special cameras, projectors are inserted in the flooring. Based on the size, design of boots, walking and pressure the system takes the input. By standing on the screen one can register themselves with the menu.  Then, it will recognize you as soon as you stand on it. If you jump, the menu will be seen.  Different options in the menu can be selected by just foot touches. Music and games can be played on this touch screen. For instance, music system can be turned on by network if you enter the house. One can do typing by making the keyboard visible on the floor. Video games can also be played. This technology is tested in the on real tournament video game.  Game is displayed on the floor by the projector and using multi toe once can play the game. By bending frontward or backward, the character of the game can be moved. Gun in the game can be used by touching the screen with toes. A new video game called dancedancerevolution is being designed to suit the multi touch interface. For more details and videos visit www.,                                                

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