How OM got his name?

Hi Friends,

I am Jai OM Dharmasastha18.  This looks different, isn’t it? Yeah, it is the unique name, where  it has the mathematical operation (i.e.,power of). Actually, name is meant for unique identity. Isn’t it? So, my parents gave an unique style name to me. In general, parents decide the name after the kids birth. But, it is reversed in my case. My parents decided the name first, and I born for that name. That is Jai OM Dharmasastha18.That is HOW the name got me. 🙂

Actually I have registered this domain on Feb 13, 2010. But I have waited to start this blog till 22 April, just because to dedicate this blog to my mother on the occasion her BIRTH DAY.

And also I require all your blessings, to maintain this blog. Offcourse, I have completed my UKG in this March,2010 and I am in 1st class now. It is natural that getting the doubt about HOW I am going to manage this blog? My brother Sri Dharmasastha is going to handle this blog for time being, till I learn to write and post the articles.

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