How far can the grass hoper jump? | How grass hoper protects itself from its predators?

How far can the grass hopper jump? | How grass hopper protects itself from its predators?

grass hopper We can generally jump up to 2 to 3 times more distance than our body height and the world’s famous long jumpers jump up to 5 times their height. The grass hopper can jump up to 20 times more than its body height. The longest grass hopper is 25 centimeters and it can jump up to 4 ½ meters. That means it can’t be caught by any animal or bird and there are other ways also to protect itself from other animals. Some grass hopers release the foam and the animals won’t eat them as it will be smelly. Few grass hoppers confuse the other animals which come to eat them. These grass hopers have the upper wings in the green and brown colors. Their lower wings are very bright and they open and close their wings so that they won’t be seen as they are in the same color of the plants.

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