How can a car can be driven by eye sight | How will EyeDriver software and device work?

How can a car can be driven by eye sight | How will EyeDriver software and device work?

Eye driver makes it possible to drive the car without handling the steering, just by the eye sight.

Driving a car is not so easy. All the tasks of controlling steering, accelerator, brake, gear and others should be handled properly. But the scientists from Freie University, Berlin are driving the cars just by their eye vision. They have even demonstrated their work by creating software called EyeDriver. It is also termed as ‘Spirit of Berlin’. Let us know more about its functioning.

How will EyeDriver software and device work?

It is a network system. It works with the integration of helmet, cameras, sensors, GPS, Wi-Fi, LAN network and computers. A helmet is designed with two cameras, LED light to absorb the eye sight of the driver. One camera is arranged in the direction of eye sight of the driver and the other camera, Eye camera, is arranged in such a way that it absorbs the eye sight of the driver. The video feed captured through both the cameras is got by the computer present in the car through the LAN network. It will process the feed by HED4EyeTracker technology and controls the steering. EyeDriver works in free riding and routing modes. If the free riding mode is selected, the car moves in what ever the direction the driver looks. If the driver sleeps, the car stops. If the routing mode is selected, car will control itself even when the driver sleeps or doesn’t watch the directions well. If there is any obstacle in the path or if there is need to take the turn, it will ask for inputs through voice feed. The car moves in the direction towards which the driver looks for three seconds. Car steering can also be regulated using iPhone. With the special applications present in the iPhone, the car can be run by touching the steering, brake, accelerators in the application. The steering of the car can be moved in the specified direction by touching the steering and moving the iPhone in that direction. For more details and videos, visit www., www.

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