Helmet for Neck

Helmet for Neck | Air Bag Helmet for Neck


Helmet for NeckWe stopped the vehicle while going on it, it is not possible to talk on phone immediately, because we wear helmet to our head. If we want to go inside the shop, and the vehicle is having hook, no problem. Otherwise we have to carry helmet with our hands compulsorily. We fear about forgetting the helmet, if we keep the helmet aside. Though we have compromised with all these problems, but it will be the cause for hair fall, as the helmet keeps our hair tight. Helmet will ruin our hair style, how can we avoid this bloody helmet problem? We are giving preference to above problems, though the increase of accidents warns us to wear helmet. That is why 90% of the people do not like to wear helmet while driving the vehicle. By observing all these problems, Terese Alstin belonging to Sweden made a new type of helmet. That is Air Bag Helmet. While doing PhD in University he made this helmet as a part of project. This helmet looks like wearing thick scarf to our neck. This helmet, which is available in various colors, should be tied around our neck. Helium gas will be there in this helmet. Do you thinking that, how this helmet protects our head? it is very simple. The sensor in the helmet will observe road during driving the vehicle. If necessary this helmet will covers our entire head in 0.1 Seconds. We need not keep this helmet aside, if do not have necessity to wear this helmet. It is enough to close the jip, which is around our neck. This type of helmets might be released in to Indian market in 2012.

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