We can’t hear properly when yawning

We can’t hear properly when yawning | Ear parts undergo stress during yawning

yawning During yawning, many changes take place in our body. Many muscles of the face, mouth, throat and jaws contract during yawning. On the other side, muscles of neck expand during yawning. Due to this improper and unexpected contractions and expansions of muscles of our face, our ears feel some stress in the interior mid region. Eustachian tubes from interior ears to throat, experience some stress that time all along their length. As a result, the interior parts of the ear cannot receive the sound signals in good extent. Amplitude of the sound signals received gets reduced. So, during yawning we cannot hear sounds properly. Sometimes we even cannot hear anything. Based on the stress applied on the nerves and parts of the ear, some times we may hear sound of vibrations also.

Anyway during yawning, the intensity of sound waves gets reduced definitely. After yawning, ears work as usual.

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