What is Grand Banyan Recycling Project?

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Posted on: May 29, 2011

What is Grand Banyan Recycling Project?

Around 30 laks of children are going to do some worthful work in these summer holidays. The detail of this news is as follows…

Andrew George who is 13 years old is studying in a school in Mumbai. Besides reading and playing, she is doing one good activity daily. It is collecting the waste and used papers and old note books from her neighbor houses. It is not only the Andrew collecting these waste materials but around 25 thousand of children are doing the same. All this is for the good cause only. The good by this activity is not only for a particular area or place but for the world.

The word recycling is well known to the people in these days. It is a process where the used items and products are made to reuse by remaking them in the other form. In this way, even the waste and old news papers are been recycled. One gets a doubt that what is the good that is done to the world?  For the making of the paper, some thousands of trees are been cutting off. One knows the usage and benefits of growing the trees. That is why, making the use of the waste papers into useful papers using the recycling method, means protecting the trees indirectly. If trees are protected automatically good is done to the world.

All this process is happening in Mumbai. Around 30 laks of children belonging to 3000 schools in 50 cities are going to take part in this process in these summer holidays. A note book with 192 pages is been made from two and half kilos of waste and used paper. The main target of this new and useful program is to manufacture ten laks of note books from the waste and used papers that are collected by these children. Distributing these note books to the poor children is the main aim of this program.

Who is the main base for the beginning of this good program? It is one of the individual organizations named ‘I Love My Mother Earth’.  The officials of this organization are going to the schools and making the children aware of the recycling process and the good that is done to the world by making the best out of the waste. They are also explaining the students that how much good is done to the environment and how much the pollution is controlled by this process of recycling. They named this program as ‘Grand Banyan Recycling Project’.

Interesting Facts about Recycling:

  • If one ton of papers are recycled, around 17 trees are protected from cutting. On the other hand, around 4000 kilo watts of power can be saved which is equal to one year of power that is been used by a family. On the other hand, 4 barrels of oil and 60, 000 gallons of water will be saved with this process of recycling.
  • If half of the papers which are used in the world are recycled, one can save the trees which are in two crores acres of land.
  • With the process of recycling, 74% of air pollution and 34% of water pollution are controlled.

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