Googolplex is the biggest number and it is equal to (10^10)^100 | Googol is equal to 10^100

Googolplex is the biggest number and it is equal to (1010)100 | Googol is equal to 10100

There is no end for the numbers and the biggest number is the one which is having the largest value. Googolplex is having the biggest value among the numbers which were found by scientists. This is equal to (1010)100 which is ten to the power of ten to the power of hundred. No one can write this number as they should write many number of zeroes side of one. Mathematicians had declared that universe is not sufficient to write this number. To write this number completely, it takes 1.51 X 1092 years for a human who can write tow numbers per second. This time is bigger than the time taken for the formation of universe by 1.1 X 1082. If any person thinks to print a book with this number, 3.5 X 1096 meters of paper is required if each digit of the number is written with 0.353 mm  in size. If the universe is considered as paper, then it will be 8.80 X 1026 meters and so the paper required to write googolplex is more than the size of universe. In this size, numbers should be seen with magnifying glass. Googol is also a number and it is equal to 10100. It is equal to hundred zeroes side of digit 1. That means googolplex is equal to ten to the power of googol. Googol word is found by a nine year old boy named Milton. In 1938, there was a mathematician named Edward and Milton is the son-in-law of Edward. Suddenly, Milton spelt googol to name the number and so it was kept as googol. This name became popular through the books written by Edward. After that, scientists named the biggest number as googolplex.

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