How Are Fossil Fuels Formed?

How Are Fossil Fuels Formed?


Fossil FuelsWe call the coal, petroleum, natural gases as fossil fuels. They formed in the past crores of years due to changes occurred on the earth. Before thirty crores of years from now the plants, several animals dead bodies were decomposed and new layers with mud, rocks, sand etc. formed in hundreds of feet to thousands of feet. The destroyed animals’ bodies, the plants under these layers formed as urea substances and changed fossil fuels with in some lakhs of years. Depends on the types of animals, types of plants, the time, the temperature and pressure at the time of destroying the various types of fossil fuels are formed.


For example, the fishes, and other water animals when dies goes to bottom of the seas or rivers and covered with mud.   The oil and natural gases etc. are formed with them. In more depths there will be more pressure and temperature and natural gases are formed there. Where as coal will form with the plants which are covered with layers before thirty forty crores of years.


For several needs humans are using fossil fuels, with this reason, with in some decades the fossil fuels will disappear from the earth.




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