Are there any Flowers that Shine?

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Posted on: June 3, 2011

Are there any Flowers that Shine?

As the Metals like Gold, silver, some types of stones and diamonds shine, some flowers also shine. Flower’s looking normal is different than the flowers shining. Flowers are living things just like human beings. If they don’t receive proper nutrition, water or sunlight, they will die. Some people have an illusion that the flowers themselves glow but the main reason is that the light inside the plant reflect in various forms and starts glowing. Flowers that are properly cared, bloom and shine with bright colors. Healthy plants produce fresh oxygen for humans to breathe and provide food and shelter for insects at the bottom of the food chain. Those insects feed larger predators that eventually feed humans.

Four o’ clock plant flowers shine with a combination of yellow and green color .These flowers will be usually in yellow color. These glowing flowers convert their brightness to pigments called betaxanthins. The researchers found when light falls on betaxanthins flowers glow in yellowish-green colour. So, parts of the flower that look yellow also emit green fluorescent light. Four o’clocks also have a violet pigment called betanin in some places. Betanin works as an anti-fluorescent by absorbing most of the fluorescent light that the betaxanthins emit.

The pattern of fluorescence and non-fluorescence might help attract bees and other insects that pollinate the flowers, the scientists suggest. It is also possible that betaxanthins help protect the flowers from stress in their environment. The parts of a four o’clock flower that appear yellow under white light contain a special pigment. This pigment fluoresces, producing a greenish glow, as seen when other colors are filtered out.

Four O’Clock is used in treatment for diabetes. Night-blooming jasmine is also known as the lady of the night. It is a medium-sized bush that produces white-colored, small, tubular flowers. Though the flowers are not very attractive to look at, they have a exciting strong scent that can be detected from far. The flowers bloom and give off scent only at night and have no perfume in the daytime. It is easy to maintain as a houseplant as well.

Some of the other flowers that glow in the night are Datura,Centauria,Tobacco flower, Night-scented Stock, Angel’s Trumpets, Prescottia orchids.Angel’s Trumpets are large, pendulous night-blooming flowers that grow on a shrub. They have a sweet and delicate fragrance. The bush itself is quite beautiful, since it is entirely covered by large white flowers.
Most of these flowers are easy to grow and take normal garden conditions with sun, average water and rich soil.

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