Saw Fish Has Sharp Nose

Saw Fish Has Sharp Nose | Average Life Span of Saw Fish is 30 Years

Saw Fish A fish named as Sawfish has sharp nose which normally found in seas. Its nose is sharp on both sides. These fish have about 35 sharp teeth around its nose. This kind of fish getting disappeared and hence is being conserved by Australian and American states.

Sawfish contains small pores on nose which are used to sense even mildest sounds by propagation of electric waves. Sawfish has a very low vision and thus it solely depends on its nose to navigate. It uses its nose to find food, eat food and to fight with other creatures


A total of 7 kinds of sawfish have been found so far of which smallest kind has a length of 5 feet where as the largest have a height of about 23 feet. These fish may have a maximum weight of 2,000 kilograms. An English poet has mentioned in his novel in 1927 that he had a glance at a 31 feet long saw fish. These are normally observed in Indo-Pacific seas. These fish sleeps between stones during daytime and sets up for hunt in nights.

The average life period of sawfish is 30 years but these are decreasing rapidly due to hunting. Sawfish’s nose and lungs are very costly and thus have been killed in large extent. The oil extracted from sawfish’s lungs is widely used in medicines.

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