Facts of Tiger | Tigers Can Sleep For 18 Hours Continuously

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Posted on: May 28, 2011


Facts of Tiger | Tigers Can Sleep For 18 Hours Continuously

  • Scientific name of tiger is Panthera Tigris
  • There is more number of Bengal Tigers and there are 3000 in number. Most of the tigers in Bengal are Indochinese tigers and they are nearly from 1000 to 1500 in number. Sumantran tigers are in the third place and they are in 500 to 1000.
  • Experts are telling that there are 6000 of tigers in the world.
  • Tigers which are in prison are living up to 20 years where as the tigers in the forest are living from 10 to 15 years.
  • There is antiseptic feature in the tiger’s saliva and they will clean their wounds with saliva.
  • Biggest tiger is the one which lives alone and it marks is area up to 100 miles of distance. It makes the marking by urinating at the bottom of the tree and scratching with its nails on the tree. Smell of the tiger’s urine will indicate its area to other animals and warn them.
  • Tiger will walk in its area for two to three days.
  • There will be difference in the stripes of one tiger from another.
  • Roar of the tiger will be heard till 1 ½ kilometer of distance.
  • Tiger likes to eat pig, bear, buffaloes, fish and rabbits.
  • Tiger will hunt at the nights and it will hunt alone.
  • Tigers can stay up to 3 days without eating and they can eat 27 kilos of meat at a time if they are hungry. They will store the remaining food in the earth and eat again.
  • People like to eat sunder ban tigers and they will attack from backside.
  • Tigers can sleep for 18 hours continuously.
  • Forest tiger will give birth to six children at a time.
  • Tiger cubs can’t see when they are born.
  • Tiger cub can’t hunt till 18 months and they will be after their mother for three months.
  • Tigers will fight with their cousins and they will increase their strength.
  • Tiger’s eye sight is six times more than the humans at nights.
  • Tiger’s tail will balance it when it runs. Tail will also be helpful to get the information about other tigers.
  • Every part of the tiger body will be used in the China traditional medical treatment.

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