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What are the facts about South American Giant Short Faced Bear?

What are the facts about South American Giant Short Faced Bear?

What are the facts about South American Giant Short Faced Bear?


South American Giant Short Faced Bear

South American Giant Short Faced Bear

Approximately 76 years back in the year 1935, a hospital was constructed in Argentina .when the ground was dug for the basement, a skeleton of the animal was found. the management of the hospital has given it to the nearby museum. After doing a lot of research on it, scientists have confirmed that the skeleton belongs to a bear. After that no one paid any attention to it. Recently some scientists did research on it and found lot of interesting facts from it. They came to a conclusion that the bear lived approx 20 lakh years-5 lakh years ago. They have named it as South American giant short faced bear. Based on the research on the bones found they have estimated that it was 11 feet height and 1700kgs in weight.


At that time short faced bear was one of the heaviest and the powerful animals. It is used to fight and take the food collected by the other animals. So the scientists revealed that this can be the reason for lot of injuries on the body before its death. Some of the different types of bears available are Asiatic black bears, giant pandas, sun bears ,sloth bear, polar bears, and small bears. Bears are found in the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Polar is mostly carnivorous and the giant panda feeds almost entirely on bamboo. The Atlas Bear was the only bear inhabitant to Africa.

Bears are generally bulky and robust animals with relatively short legs. Bears have an excellent sense of smell, a better sense of smell in fact than the dogs. This sense of smell is used for signaling between bears and for finding food. Smell is the principal sense used by bears to find most of their diet. Do you know bears can sit and stand similarly to humans? The peoples of China, Japan, and Korea use bear’s body parts as part of traditional Chinese medicine. Laws have been passed in many areas of the world to protect bears from hunters. The brown bear is Germany’s and Finland‘s national animal.

The most widespread species is the Brown Bear, which occurs from Western Europe eastwards through Asia to the western areas of North America. The American Black Bear is restricted to North America, and the Polar bear is restricted to the Arctic Sea. All the remaining species are Asian. Except Polar Bear all other bears are mostly forest species.

Below are some of the facts of the bears.

  • In the world currently there are 8 types of bears.
  • The heaviest bear is polar bear located at equator and its weighed around 1000gm.
  • Bears have lived approx 2 crore years back on the earth.
  • Many bears of northern regions are assumed to hibernate in the winter. They normally do not wake during this “hibernation”, and therefore do not eat, drink, urinate or defecate the entire period. Females give birth to their cubs during this Hibernation period.


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