Eye Movement of Owl

Eye Movement of Owl | Owls Cannot See Nearby Objects

OwlsOf all the birds we see, owl cannot see the nearby objects. Let us examine the reason for this. Owl can rotate its head in all the angles of 360 degrees. Because of this it can see till 270 degrees.  The body building of an owl is supporting to this vision. But the owl cannot see the nearby objects as clear as it can see the distant objects.  The reason for this is it cannot move its eyes besides.  The eyes of the owl are stable at fixed point.  Eye ball won’t move and so the owl’s can see only the objects which are far from its eyes. The owls will have a very keen observation due to the hair which is their round the eyes. The eyes of the owl appear as if they are very big in size. That is why people say that the owl has got that name. There appears a kind of ear like formation up above the head. But they are not the formations related to the ears.   They are actually the feathers.

Except in Antarctica, the owls are found everywhere on the earth. It is very special that the lady owls are big in size and weight more when compared to the male owls. The group of owls is called as parliament. The number of the owls which protects the fields from the attack of the rats by eating them and doing good to the human beings is decreasing these days. The reason for this is the destruction of the forests and trees on the earth.

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