Expansion of Universe

Expansion of Universe | Universe is expanding in accordance with Einstein’s relativity theory

Universe According to research done by the scientists of Leiden University in Netherlands, it was revealed that the Universe is expanding at a rapid rate in the present days when compared to initial days at the time of origin of Universe. Scientists came to this conclusion after observing the 4,46,000 galaxies using Hubble telescope. Scientists have come to know about the spreading of galaxies and their expansion in their research. Moreover they have prepared the maps of galaxies. Astronomical scientists observed the reports of research done in this aspect and discovered that Universe is expanding according to the space expansion theory of relativity given by the great scientist Einstein. They have also discovered that expansion rate increases with the passage of time. There is strong belief that an unknown central force increases the expansion rate of universe. The head of research and experiments in space expansion concept had declared confidently that Universe is expanding at rapid rate in accordance with the Einstein’s relativity theory of space expansion, even though the secret of central force responsible for expansion is not yet discovered.

Time and space are geometrically distorted. The expansion of universe is uneven. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity of space, the expansion of universe purely depends on the matter existing in the universe. In other words, based on the planets, galaxies and many known and unknown universal elements existing in the universe, the expansion takes place.

This universe is formed by the combination of dark matter and normal matter. Astronomical scientists are saying that along with them, the dark energy which is one third of the universe makes it to expand at faster rate for the last few hundred crores of years.

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