Evolution of Bible

Evolution of Bible | Bible was translated to 8 languages per year on an average

Bible In 400AD, a pilgrim named Jerome has translated bible to Latin language from Hibroo and Greek languages. This is called as Vulgate in those days. Later in 1383AD, a man named Wyclif worked hard for 15 years and successfully translated it from Latin language to English language. Wyclif was born in 1328AD in England. He died on 31st December in 1384AD at the age of 56 years.

In 1445A.D Gutenberg invented printing press. He printed Latin bible in 1456AD for the first time. Bible became famous in the world as the first printed book. William Tyndale was born almost after 100 years, after the death of Wyclif. He translated Bible into English again in 1525A.D. For doing that, religious orthodox people have tied him to wooden logs and burnt him alive. As a result of his sacrifice, zeal and his death, after 12 years i.e. in 1548A.D first English Bible was printed. In a duration of 1350 years, Bible was translated to another 33 languages. During the period between 1831A.D to 1937A.D, Bible was translated in 851 languages. That means Bible was translated into 8 languages per year as a whole. As per the analysis made by ‘Bible Society of America’, currently on going translation of Bible would take another 467 years to distribute a Bible to each and every individual in Asia continent.

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