Egypt Has the Most Ancient Civilization

Egypt Has the Most Ancient Civilization | Egypt Became Republic In 1953

EgyptEgypt has the name as a country that has very ancient civilizations. There were evidences of stone sculpture in Egypt even before 10,000 years before Christ. There is also evidence of agriculture, hunting and fishing.  Egypt is officially referred as Arab Republic of Egypt and if looked at the history of the country one can find glory of the empires, wonderful constructions, wars, and revolutions.

Egypt has a width of ten lakh ten thousand square kilometers and most of the part is occupied by Sahara desert so, 99 percent of the population lives near the shore of the Nile River.   3150 years before Christ, King Menes founded a kingdom and after that nearly 30 dynasties ruled   Egypt for 3000 years.  During the reign of the first two rulers, the construction of pyramids happened.  After the kings called Pharaoh, in A.C 343 Egypt came under Persians ruling.  After that, rule of Alexander had ended with the story of Queen Cleopatra.  Later with all the revolutions of Romans, Arabs, Turks and various religious rulers had an impact on this country.  From 14th century to 18th century Egypt had suffered from droughts and diseases.   French dictator, Napoleon conquered this country in 1798.  After the French, it was the British who took over it. After the revolution in February 2, 1922, Egypt became an independent country. In 1953 it turned as republic country, in 1981, Egypt came under the ruling of Hosni Mubarak and now it is heading forward towards democracy.

Capital city of Egypt is Cairo and official language is Arabic.  Population of Egypt is 79,089,650 and the currency is Egyptian Pound.  Percentage of literacy in Egypt is 51.4.

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