Echo Friendly Buddha Temple

Echo Friendly Buddha Temple | Wonderful Construction of Buddha Temple with Beer Bottles

Echo Friendly Buddha TempleOne get reminds of the highest towers, beautiful flooring and wonderful sculptures when thought of the temples. But there is a specialty for the green colored Buddha temple which is constructed at North Thailand. This temple is constructed only with the beer bottles by one of the Buddhist monk. There are around 20 constructions in this temple premises and all were built with the beer bottles only.   Total 15 lakh beer bottles were used for these constructions. That is why that area is called as ‘Temple of a Million Bottles’. The original name of this place is   Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew. In the beginning, the Buddhist monk has collected around ten lakh of beer bottles and started the construction of the temple. The whole construction which included the temple, bathrooms, sanctuary, kitchen and rest rooms are made with the bottles only. The monk is saying that if anybody gives beer bottles to him, he would carry out some more constructions.

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