Ear Wax

Ear Wax | Formation of Wax in Ear

Ear WaxThere are three important parts in the ear which receives sound. They are the outer ear, middle ear and the inner ear. By these three parts, the waves which are passed in the air are converted into the sound and are heard by the human beings.  At first, the sound which passed through the air waves reaches the outer ear and then touches the diaphragm of the middle ear and then converts into mechanical waves. These waves create vibrations in the three tiny bones which are in the shape of the chain located in the middle ear. These sound waves reach the cochlea which is there in the middle ear and reaches the mind in the form of   signals. There is a danger to have the dust and other particles to enter the outer ear during the process of passing the sound waves into the ear. In order to control that dust and pollution to enter the ear, special oil glands named   Sebaceous Glands produce oil like substance. That is the reason why the walls in the ear turn greasy. The dust and dust particles which stick to this substance are changed into wax after some days.

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