Duplicates to Wonders of the World

Duplicates to Wonders of the World | Duplicate Christ Redeemder Statue Is Bigger Than Original

Duplicate Eiffel TowerSimilar to the twins in human beings, there are also twins for prestigious & famous constructions also. Similar to the dupes for cinema heroes, there are also dupes for famous constructions like Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty etc. Tourists also show great interest to see them. These duplicate constructions are called Replicas.

Duplicate of Eiffel Tower:  There is a dupe for Eiffel Tower in Czech Republic’s capital Prague. It is 180 feet high. It looks smaller when compared to the original Eiffel Tower of 1063 feet high. But when analysis is made in sea level calculations, this duplicate Eiffel Tower only remains higher than original tower. This is because; dupe of Eiffel Tower is built on a hill. Moreover there is very less difference between ages of original and duplicate Eiffel Towers. Original Eiffel Tower was built in 1889. Dupe was built in 1891. With in two years of the original construction, dupe was built. Duplicate Eiffel Tower was built completely with steel frames. For climbing up and down, separate steps are provided. Elevator was also arranged.

Duplicate for Statue of Liberty: We know the world famous Statue of Liberty. It is huge statue with 151 feet high.  There are many hundreds of duplicates for the Statue of Liberty all over the World. Two hundred statues lying in America were built by the same organization in 1950’s. There were built of copper. In America, dupe for Statue of Liberty can be seen in every state.

Christ Statue: We know the Christ Redeemer statue in Brazil is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There is dupe for it in Bolivia. Original statue is just 100 feet high. Duplicate statue is 137.7 feet high with a width of 112.2 feet. This statue is named as Cristo de La Concordia. Construction period of this statue was from 1987 to 1994. This statue has so many records. This is the biggest of all Christ statues in the world. Moreover this is the biggest statue in southern hemisphere. There are 1399 steps inside the statue.

Duplicate Pisa Tower: We know the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. A duplicate of it was built in America which was just half the height of original i.e. 94 feet high. This was named as Leaning tower of Niles. It was built in Illinois in America in 1934.It was built on the occasion of original Pisa tower completing 600 years of age. Original Pisa tower was tilted unexpectedly. But this duplicate tower was constructed with a tilt.

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