DNA of Gorilla Is Similar To Human DNA

DNA of Gorilla Is Similar To Human DNA | Gorillas Live In Groups

GorillaIn monkeys 125 different types are there.   Gorillas and human beings are having similar features. 98% of gorilla’s DNA is similar to the DNA of human beings. Like human beings, Gestation period of Gorillas is also 9 months.

Normally male Gorilla’s height is 165 to 175cms and weight is 140 to 200 kgs.   Female Gorillas are 140cms of height and 100 kgs of weight. Apart from Zoos Gorillas are found only in Africa. These will be living in groups of 10 to 30. Comparatively from Gorillas that live on mountains have small eyes and short hands. Similarly these are having long hair, big cheeks, and teeth.

Howler is the kind of monkey that shouts louder than all other monkeys and Marmoset monkeys are very small. Now a day only owl monkeys are found living among nocturnal monkeys. Monkeys are of two types – vegetarians and non vegetarians.  Like human beings Monkeys also eat banana by peeling them.

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