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How is the Distance between Earth and Stars Calculated?

How is the Distance between Earth and Stars Calculated?

How is the Distance between Earth and Stars Calculated?

Earth rotates round the sun in a particular orbit. The diameter of this orbit is 300 million kilometers, which is equal to 30 crore of kilometers. The astronomical scientists examine the star where its distance is to be calculated from a particular point through a telescope. The light which is travelled through the star is been examined by the curve and exact position. This is called as concentrating angle. After getting registered for this one has to wait for six months of period. Because it takes 12 months of time for the earth to rotate round the sun and it is known to all the people. After six months, the earth reaches to the first position from its orbit to the exact opposite position. Then after the position is changed, the concentrating angle is been founded by the scientists by observing the position of the star.

If the position of the earth in the beginning and after six months and the position of the star are taken as three points, there forms a fake triangle in between these three points. It is known to all the people that the distance between the two points of the earth in that triangle is 30 crore kilo meters.  In the same way, there also recorded two concentrating angles. Even the light that is travelled from the star is also known. If these measurements are calculated using the trigonometry principle, the distance between the earth and the star is known. In this way, using this calculation, the distance between the stars from the earth to 400 light years is calculated. On the other hand, there is another way of calculating the distance is the light which is passing through the stars is arranged in the Spectrometer and passing through the prism and calculations are made depending on the severity of the colors that are formed in the spectrum.

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